Transitional Notions in Decay

Transitional Notions in Decay, 2016, video, 06:16, b/w

The modes of production in the neo-liberal capitalism demands enormous fluctuation of notions, objects and images. The subversive aspect of this mode lies in the possibility of desire being stalked.

The research used by the marketing agencies, and the way they use consumer data, polishing the existent and always searching for new desires may cause trauma and impotency to the desire itself.

The way the image is produced over certain idea, when exposed to the public, multiple ideas are being produced on the same base. The idea is to impose thinking in images, more real than reality, perfect, pure, almost unreachable.

The contemporary marketing ideal for the production of moving images, in case treated with the different narrative than the usual, according to its technical capacities, may apply for a short film.

The picture we got during our research concerning the perfect family, or its perfect commodification in the public sphere, are always located at the modest, suburban landscape. The goal is to encode the desire, after a process of normalization while transforming it in cash transaction.

Created and produced: Amir Karahasan & Natasha Nedelkova
Voice-over: Marija Kaeva, Music: Johannes Schulz (Vintage Cucumber – Balsam)